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Tired eyes in between

I've been busy the past month, working hard to get my project done for DMD. The new job's going great. It's so nice to be working with hardcore developers again, people who are passionate about web design.

26th July 2005 | Filed in blog |

New employment at DMD

After many interviews with a variety of companies, I have accepted an offer of full-time employment with Digital Media Design.

27th June 2005 | Filed in blog |

Weekend trip to Tauranga

After finishing her exams, Lisa (a girl from our hostel) was traveling east to Tauranga to visit a family she knew there. Aurelie and I offered to drive her, taking the chance to do a little weekend exploration in the Bay of Plenty.

19th June 2005 | Filed in blog |

Life in NZ after a week

Well a week has gone by it feels like 2 months. It's amazing to think of all we've accomplished in that time.

4th June 2005 | Filed in blog |

In the land of the Kiwis

So Aurelie and I have arrived safe and sound in Auckland, New Zealand. It was quite the adventure getting here and I'll try to recount some of the more noteable points.

27th May 2005 | Filed in blog |

MEGA over and done

My employment with MEGA International has come to end after almost 2 years aboard the ship.

14th May 2005 | Filed in blog |

New Zealand by Marcel de Jong

See the photos of Marcel de Jong, a small taste of where Aurélie and I will be in 2 weeks.

11th May 2005 | Filed in blog |