About Freeangle

Freeangle is a small web design company developing professional web solutions for clients around the world. Through the use of web standards, Freeangle creates simple and clean designs that are accessible and easy to use.

About the company

Freeangle was founded in 2002 by Aaron Schmidt to catalog creative projects involving web design and photography. Over the years Freeangle has grown to embrace the standards of the world wide web, focusing on the development of beautiful, customer-friendly websites through CSS design.

Freeangle philosophy

Write quality information

Focus on content first and foremost. Keep information organized and accessible and up to date. Apply proper semantic markup to enhance the quality of information.

Separate structure from presentation

Use XHTML for structure & content and CSS to control presentation & style so that designs maintain flexibility and may be easily redesigned in the future.

Design simple and clean

Well-written, validated code will provide more accessibility to all visitors & user agents and help to improve ranking on search engine results.

Be creative

Using web standards need not imply standard designs. With its detachment from the content, CSS can be a playground for the imagination.

Freeangle services and portfolio

To discover what Freeangle has to offer view our web design services page or check out our design portfolio for a listing of completed projects.

About Aaron Schmidt

Aaron Schmidt is a creative, open-minded Canadian with a passion for web design, photography, music and travel. Aaron graduated from the University of Guelph in the year 2000 with a degree in Computer Science. He has since lived and worked in Canada, the United States, and France.

Aaron does his best to post a new image every day to his photoblog and maintains a collection of photography expositions from his adventures around the world. And every so often, Aaron records his thoughts and dreams into his online journal.

Currently living in Paris, Aaron will leave France on the 25th May, 2005 and move to the country of New Zealand with his wife Aurélie. The adventure continues...

Aaron Schmidt Resume 2005