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Travelling and Iodine

It's been a busy month even though in France, in the summer, you're really not supposed to do anything. My 10-day trip to Spain was incredible, visiting the beautiful cities of Barcelona, Toledo, and Madrid. Many thanks to Aude and Alexi for their wonderfully hospitality and the much needed oatmeal in the mornings. Pictures are available in the [url=photo_expositions.php]Expositions section.

Aurélie and I have moved into our new apartment (yeh!) which we are both very happy with. Located in the center of a small, suburb town called Enghien Les Bains, our apartment is ideal for the young adults of today looking for escape from the over-commercialized, concrete jungle steaming with generation gap hipsters in their ruby reds and iron grays. Basically this means: It's nice to have our own home. =)

... and Freeangle has received a small facelift with an upgrade to PHP, allowing me to optimize some of the more repetitive code ... very useful considering I am no longer using frames.

Life is good. Now all I have to do is find a job.

29th July 2002 | Filed in blog