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Parents in Paris

For the last weekend in September Aurélie and I return to beautiful Bretagne, this time for Le Mariage de Juliette et Guillaume. I'm very much looking forward to being close to the ocean again, not so much to being in a suit again.

Then my parents arrive on Oct 2nd for a week-long action packed adventure! Should be fun, so long as they don't keep reminding me I don't have a job. ;) We will travel out west to the Loire Valley to visit some of the castles and surrounding towns. More pictures! That reminds me ... you can find photos from my new apartment in Enghien les Bains in the [url=photo_expositions.php]Photography Expositions section. There's a lot of pics but it's worth checking them out.

Still searching for a job. A real job where I am required to wake up early in the morning, drag my ass through crowded streets, and drink coffee until my eyes no longer burn. I love PHP by the way. And you too, Aurélie. =)

20th August 2002 | Filed in blog