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Tired eyes in between

I've been busy the past month, working hard to get my project done for DMD. The new job's going great. It's so nice to be working with hardcore developers again, people who are passionate about web design.

Still no internet connection at home, hence the reason not much is being done after work. But I've got a number of leads for new projects around NZ so I may be picking up the freelance jobs again.

Aminus3 is, of course, back online with a selection of the photos I've captured over the past 2 months. Auckland is such a great place to do photography. Here's some of my favorites:

Find the red bench
Patterns of the Sky Tower
Night view of Auckland City
Black sand dunes of Piha Beach

Freeangle is quiet and calm but life goes well. If anyone out there is looking for a change of scenery, I highly recommend moving to New Zealand.

26th July 2005 | Filed in blog