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Aminus3 Photoblog Community

Aminus3 is a global photoblog community presenting new and beautiful pictures every day from a variety of photographers around the world.View project | Visit website

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MindEval MindEval provides scientific psychology questionnaires that evaluate your mental strengths online with detailed explanations to help you improve your mental health. View project | Visit website

Online Pools

Online Pools Online Pools gives the ability to manage office hockey pools online. No daily maintenance is involved – setup the hockey pool once, then enjoy it for the season. View project | Visit website

Photo Freeangle

Photo Freeangle Photo Freeangle is a small and simple website showcasing the photography expositions of Aaron Schmidt as he travels around the world with his digital camera. View project | Visit website

Aaron Schmidt Blog

Aaron Schmidt Blog The online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them). View project | Visit website

APIC Ingénierie

APIC Ingénierie Lead by Philippe Moreau, APIC Ingénierie is a small consulting firm specializing in Franco-German relations for industrial and commercial projects. View project | Visit website


dCfour Based near Toronto, Ontario, this Canadian hardcore band brings harsh stomping power to some wonderfully melodic riffs. View project | Visit website

Web-based applications

MEGA Improvement Base

MEGA Improvement Base The MEGA iBase allows Program Managers to keep track of customer requests for enhancements and features concerning the MEGA product. View project

MEGA Knowledge Base

MEGA Knowledge Base Developed for MEGA Technical Support, the kBase is a content management system for known problems, possible solutions and general product information. View project

ISS Site Protector

ISS Site Protector A web-based interface was developed to assist new users with the installation and configuration of the ISS Site Protector product. View project

ISS Greensea

ISS Greensea Greensea is a testcase management tool built for the Development and QA teams at ISS to manage product testing scenarios. View project

ISS Hydro

ISS Hydro A clean and interesting design for this internal web-based application, used by the ISS Quality Assurance team to automate task scheduling and reporting. View project

Older projects

Pixel Reflet

Pixel Reflet is a small laboratoire photo located in the business district of Paris. The company specializes in high quality printing of digital images. View project

Greek Wedding

With clear, blue skies and clean, blue waters, Greece was the perfect setting for the wedding of Apostolia Schiza and Brent Peterson. View project

Le Mariage d'Aurélie et Aaron

The marriage between the beautiful Aurélie Doutreleau and Aaron Schmidt brought together family and friends from the countries of France and Canada. View project

Around the Ashtray

This pop-rock band was formed by a group of friends from university with a taste for light and groovy music on the streets of Paris. View project

Devil Darts

DevilDarts is a Pocket PC dart game with a fiendish twist. You must battle your way through six of the best darn dart players in damnation. View project

Le Mariage de Juliette et Guillaume

The marriage between Juliette Cuvelier and Guillaume Renault was a beautiful event that took place out on the west coast of France, in Bretagne. View project

Celestial Storm

Celestial Storm is a friendly EverQuest guild where all members are encouraged to participate and have fun playing the game. View project