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Aminus3 Photoblog Community

Aminus3 is a global photoblog community presenting new and beautiful pictures every day from a variety of photographers around the world.

Project notes

  • Full design and development
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • July 2004

Description of the project

The idea to develop a photoblog community was born from conversations between myself and Jason Kravitz. Our goal was to create a friendly environment where casual/serious photographers could post new pictures every day, receiving comments and criticism from others around the world.

Some of the more interesting features:

  • Every member receives a personal subdomain complete with an administrative interface giving full control over how their site looks and behaves.
  • Uploaded images are automatically formatted to the proper size; reading and displaying EXIF data from digital images.
  • Visitors to the site may choose between a small and large version to accommodate a variety of monitor resolutions.
  • RSS feeds to publish the latest updates.
  • 1 year online, 1500+ images, 4000+ comments

Aminus3 does not incorporate any third party software. All development code (PHP/MySQL) was written by hand and designed to be as intuitive as possible, for both members and visitors of Aminus3.