Web design portfolio

Around the Ashtray

This pop-rock band was formed by a group of friends from university with a taste for light and groovy music on the streets of Paris.

Project notes

  • Full design and development
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • January 2003

Description of the project

In the winter of 2003, Around the Ashtray was in need of a funky bassist. I answered the call. The next logical step was to create a website to promote the band and provide a location to download songs and lyrics.

Strong, firey-red colors were used in the design to portray emotion and excitement. Most images on the website were captured by myself including:

  • the background image of drums
  • the album cover in the Musique section
  • the index pictures for the Membres page

Account logins were provided for every member of the band, allowing them to dynamically add news, create forum topics and update their own personal information.

During my time with the band we did successfully produce an album of 10 songs. This was done more for fun than for money and in the end it was an excellent experience.