Web design portfolio

Celestial Storm

Celestial Storm is a friendly EverQuest guild where all members are encouraged to participate and have fun playing the game.

Project notes

  • Graphical redesign of existing website
  • HTML, Frames, Javascript
  • May 2002

Description of the project

Celestial Storm requested a graphical update to the appearance of their website. They wanted the basic structure to remain the same with a cooler look & feel. A dark overtone was employed to give the site a slick, gaming appearance.

The flying angel-warrior on the index page was colored from an original black & white image. The images below show the progression in developing the image.

1. Original image as received by email.

2. Brightness/contrast has been altered to distinguish the outlines; robe coloring has begun.

3. Hair, wings and robe have been coloured.

4. Skin color is finished. A yellow spotlight lighting effect has been added to give warmth and depth to the overall image.