Web design portfolio


Based near Toronto, Ontario, this Canadian hardcore band brings harsh stomping power to some wonderfully melodic riffs.

Project notes

  • Full design and development
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • August 2003

Description of the project

This project involved creating a coporate identity for the startup company APIC Ingénierie. Close contact was maintained with the client to approve structure, appearance and logo design as work progressed.

A formal color scheme consisting of basic blues and grays was devised to portray professionalism and trust. A simple layout and navigation allows visitors to find information quickly.

In addition to the website design, business cards and document templates incorporating the logo and style were developed for the client. An excellent way to strengthen the brand for APIC Ingénierie.

Assistance was provided to the client with domain name registration and email configuration. Web hosting for APIC Ingénierie is handled by Freeangle.