Web design portfolio

Greek Wedding

With clear, blue skies and clean, blue waters, Greece was the perfect setting for the wedding of Apostolia Schiza and Brent Peterson.

Project notes

  • Full design and development
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • May 2003

Description of the project

Lia was a colleague of mine when I worked for ISS in Atlanta. Upon hearing of her engagement to Brent Peterson, I was quick to offer my services in the web design department.

Lia mentioned that her favorite color was purple, so the site was designed to strongly emphasize this color. Images of Greece were integrated into the start page and the header image to associate with Lia's greek heritage and the fact that the wedding would be held in the small, greek village of Zagora.

An administration interface was developed to allow Lia and Brent the ability to dynamically add news, information and pictures to the website without need of further intervention.