Web design portfolio

ISS Greensea

Greensea is a testcase management tool built for the Development and QA teams at ISS to manage product testing scenarios.

Project notes

  • Internal application
  • System design and development (team of 5); focus on GUI functionality, graphics and layout
  • JSP, Java Servlets, SQL Server, XML, HTML, JavaScript
  • September 2001

Description of the project

Working closely together within a team of 5, the Greensea project was developed to be a dynamic, web-based application that would allow users to track the progress of product testcase scenarios.

Weekly meetings maintained communication between the different levels of development, most notably, the front-end GUI and the back-end database.

An extensive history system recorded all updates made to every object within the application. The entire project could be "rolled back" to an older date/time, allowing the user to view objects in a previous state and compare these older objects with their current version.

Note: ISS Greensea is an internal application, not a public website. Screenshots are available as an example of graphical design.