Web design portfolio

ISS Hydro

A clean and interesting design for this internal web-based application, used by the ISS Quality Assurance team to automate task scheduling and reporting.

Project notes

  • Internal application
  • System design and development (team of 2); focus on GUI functionality, graphics and layout
  • JSP, Java Servlets, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript
  • August 2001

Description of the project

Hydro was a custom-built, web application for ISS that automated the process of scanning the company network using the Internet Scanner product. Through the Hydro application, the Dev and QA teams had the ability to launch a network scan at any time with notification by email when the results were complete.

All scan reports were stored within the database with the possiblity of comparing reports from different times or different versions of Internet Scanner.

The project involved a team of two. Lia Schiza worked with the back-end functionality of command-line operations and database storage, while my responsibilities focused more on the graphical interface and its interaction between the user and the back-end.

Note: ISS Hydro is an internal application, not a public website. Screenshots are available as an example of graphical design.