Web design portfolio

Le Mariage de Juliette et Guillaume

The marriage between Juliette Cuvelier and Guillaume Renault was a beautiful event that took place out on the west coast of France, in Bretagne.

Project notes

  • Full design and development, all photography
  • August 2002

Description of the project

After having attended the wedding of Juliette and Guillaume, I decided to give to them, as a gift, a website of their marriage. A place online where their friends and family could visit to relive the weekend event.

After dinner, there were a number of presentations made by friends from both sides incorporating images and/or written text. Through contact with the different parties involved, these presentations were collected and made available online in the "Extras" section.

The design of the site focuses on being very light & airy to bring across a soothing, romantic impression. Artistic touches are scattered about to add a sense of fun and happiness.