Web design portfolio

MEGA Improvement Base

The MEGA iBase allows Program Managers to keep track of customer requests for enhancements and features concerning the MEGA product.

Project notes

  • Internal application
  • Full design and development
  • PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript
  • January 2004

Description of the project

With the success of the Knowledge Base, development with MEGA progressed to involve an Improvement Base system to track incoming enhancement requests from customers, consultants and top-level management.

The iBase and kBase projects share the same PHP classes & code base, MySQL database and global CSS file, thus allowing for very similar appearance and functionality between the two applications.

Once logged in, most users have the ability to create enhancement requests whereas their approval is controlled by a select few Product Managers. Account permissions are controlled by cookies.

Since the iBase website is not available to the public, offline reports may be sent to customers as a way for them to view the current status of their requests.

Note: The MEGA Improvement Base is an internal application, not a public website. Screenshots are available as an example of graphical design.