Web design portfolio

MEGA Knowledge Base

Developed for MEGA Technical Support, the kBase is a content management system for known problems, possible solutions and general product information.

Project notes

  • Internal application
  • Full design and development
  • PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript
  • October 2003

Description of the project

In the first few weeks of my employment with MEGA International, the need for a well-designed content management system became very apparent. Taking the intiative, a proposal was made to develop an in-house Knowledge Base using web technologies.

The kBase interface is very clean and well organized to simplify navigation and provide an intuitive feeling to both new and experienced users. The search functionality integrates MySQL's full-text search engine.

To date, the MEGA Knowledge Base has:

  • 3700+ articles
  • 40+ user accounts with 8 full-time active writers
  • An average of 20 database queries per minute

Note: The MEGA Knowledge Base is an internal application, not a public website. Screenshots are available as an example of graphical design.