Web design portfolio


MindEval provides scientific psychology questionnaires that evaluate your mental strengths online with detailed explanations to help you improve your mental health.

Project notes

  • Interface design and layout, logo design
  • PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript
  • January 2005

Description of the project

Frequent meetings with the client to sketch out the overall structure and appearance of the site. The client wanted a professional website with a simple layout and easy-to-understand navigation.

A blue/grey color scheme was implemented to maintain professionalism while a splash of orange was added to keep the site attractive to young athletes.

With the company being involved in mental evaluation and training, the logo was designed to reflect the ever-famous e=mc² equation, thus creating a strong connection with intelligence.

Note: Although the interface design part of this project is complete, the client is currently in the development phase of organizing website content and functionality.