Web design portfolio

Online Pools

Online Pools gives the ability to manage office hockey pools online. No daily maintenance is involved – setup the hockey pool once, then enjoy it for the season.

Project notes

  • Graphical redesign of existing website
  • October 2004

Description of the project

For this project, the goal was to improve the existing OnlinePools.com website with a cleaner, easier-to-understand interface. The design was not to include any references to hockey or other sports but rather focus on a simple appearance that would appeal to a wide variety of users.

Due to the cancellation of 2004-2005 hockey season, this project has been placed on hold. The design proposal is currently visible at the temporary address of http://onlinepools.mindchaosart.com/. As a comparison, the existing site for OnlinePools may be viewed at www.onlinepools.com.

Note: The website http://onlinepools.mindchaosart.com/ is only a proposal to demonstrate a new graphical design. It is not a functional website.