Web design portfolio

Photo Freeangle

Photo Freeangle is a small and simple website showcasing the photography expositions of Aaron Schmidt as he travels around the world with his digital camera.

Project notes

  • Full design and development, all photography
  • May 2004

Description of the project

A very dark and minimalist design was created to focus all attention on the photos themselves. The colors in each picture pop out against the dark, black background. All text on the site is in shades of gray using color to emphasize important titles or links.

The information concerning the photo categories is stored within a MySQL database. When a category is selected, its associated directory is read to dynamically generate the appropriate list of images.

Photo Freeangle has undergone a number of redesigns, each time with the intent to improve the structural syntax and simplify the graphical layout.

The lastest version (March 2005) is a table-less XHTML with strong emphasis on CSS design. The page size from the previous version was reduced by over 70% making for very accessible, quick-loading pages.