Web design portfolio

Pixel Reflet

Pixel Reflet is a small laboratoire photo located in the business district of Paris. The company specializes in high quality printing of digital images.

Project notes

  • Full design and development
  • July 2003

Description of the project

The very bold, red & yellow design for Pixel Reflet was based directly off an existing brochure that the company delivered to potential customers. In fact, both the appearance and the content of the website are a close replica of the client brochure. In this way, the company maintained their brand name on and off the web.

The argument was put forward that the website could represent more of a front-end store offering online selling to customers but the client was adamant about placing minimal information online, specifically no price quotes for any of the offered services.

Assistance was provided to the client for domain name registration and email configuration. Web hosting for the Pixel Reflect website is handled by Freeangle.